Become Witness of Venice

In the last few days we wrote a post on how nature is taking back its spaces. During the quarantine period imposed for Covid19 ( ) Venice is deeply different.
As always, we want to be positive and try to learn from this moment. We are sure that we will succeed and rise again from this terrible pandemia.
We therefore share with pleasure the initiative of the University of Cà Foscari, and of Prof. Fabio Pranovi that you can find well described in the following link.
Send a photo of Venice not very crowded. Photos should show the absence of waves, the unusual water clearness and the presence of birdlife in places where it was usually not observed because of the high anthropic disturbance.

Venice Covid-19

Become Witness of Venice: post on Facebook photos, videos or testimonials with the hashtag #venezia, specifying place, date and time of the shot. If you have materials but do not want to share them publicly on social media, you can send them using the form that you find in the following link (always specifying date, time and place) or send the photos via email to,

Good shots!

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