BacaRebus: round of Bacari solving Puzzles and Games without time limits


Enthusiastic round of “bacari” solving puzzles and games without time limits.

The bacari are the typical Venetian bars where you can drink an aperitif, enjoy a good wine and taste the famous “cicchetti” (appetizers that accompany the aperitifs).

BacaRebus is a game that takes place in a path of 3 bacari, solving puzzles and tasting cicchetti maybe sipping a good glass of wine. You will spend an unforgettable evening with friends.

You won’t have any time limit except the closing times of the bars (10.00 p.m. Thursday / Friday, 11.00 p.m. Saturday). You will start at 6.00 p.m. and then it will depend only on you and your desire to turn a long aperitif into a dinner!


The COSTS of BacaRebusare those of our Escape Rooms with an extra charge of 10€ each for all the drinks provided and indicated below:

Bacaro 1: n.1 small appetizer (“cicchetto”) e n.1 glass of wine

Bacaro 2: n.1 small appetizer (“cicchetto”) e n.1 glass of wine or small beer or spritz

Bacaro 3: n.1 small appetizer (“cicchetto”) e n.1 glass of wine or small beer


At the beginning of BacaRebus you will be given a Voucher which includes the use of Escape Venice ASD games and puzzles, that you will find in the bacari, and the drinks above indicated.

The voucher must be fully consumed on the date of booking.

In case of lower cost or non-use of the drinks, you will not be refunded.

If you order different things, you can do so, but if they cost more or you make additional drinks, you will pay the difference to the bar.


Enjoy the evening according to your time and appetite.







No time limit


2-6 participants