The Escape Rooms in Venice Walk through the ancient door Be transported to another world full of mysteries and legends Visual tricks will challenge you unforgettable games!









In order to participate in the games and activities of Escape Venice ASD, you must be a member. The cost of the card is included in the following prices per person!


30 € Per Person


25 € Per Person


20 € Per Person


17 € Per Person


15 € Per Person

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Call your friends and make a team

Choose the adventure you like and have fun!


Are you brave enough? Do you like to test yourself? Are you looking for fun?


You will have to be very quick to solve all the mysteries and find the hidden treasure! The clock is ticking…


You will have to solve puzzles and ancient secrets designed to protect the hidden treasure.


Win and we’ll plant a tree for you by growing the Escape Venice forest!

The Escape Venice forest


Anyone can play! No limitation of age or language...

Friends & Families

All groups looking for new challenges to prove their skills and have a lot of fun must come to Escape Rooms and enjoy a unique experience.


If you are visiting Venice and are looking for something different to do that will immerse you in the mysteries of the city, do not miss this opportunity. Book Escape Venice now!


Tired of playing in front of the screen? Play to live Escape Rooms and test your game!

Team Building

Are you looking for an innovative activity to play? The Escape Rooms are designed to promote every aspect about team building and cooperation between colleagues


Answers to common questions below...

Can we play in different languages?

At the moment: Italian, English, French and Spanish; other languages coming soon.

Why should I play Escape Rooms?

To test your concentration, observation, problem solving and decision making abilities and also to have fun.

Are we really trapped? Is it dangerous? Is it scary?

Yeah! You are trapped! (not really) and it’s not dangerous. But a lot of adrenaline is included in the price! Actually, due to safety reasons, you always have an emergency exit that you can use, but it is more fun to accept the challenge, solve all the enigmas and escape on time.

How difficult is the game?

The games are designed to be completed in 60 or 120 minutes. Difficulty level of our Escape Rooms is medium-high but you do not need any special talent other than using your brain and acting fast. Success rate: 30-50%.

What I need to bring with me?

To play our Escape Rooms you only need your brain and you need to work together!

What is the recommended number of players per team?

The Escape Rooms are specially designed for a minimum of 2 people. In the Shylock’s room you can play in 2-6 people but larger group can be arranged if required. The “Templars Treasure” is designed for a group between 2 and 10 people. For both games we recommend 5-6 people because, if you manage to work as a team, there will be more ideas to help solve all the puzzles in the adventure. For large group you always can book two sessions, do a challenge and compare final scores!

I'm already a member. Do I have a discount?

Yes! With a valid membership card you get 5 Euros discount.


Will you succeed?


The Association Escape Venice ASD was born from a group of friends, fans of the sports of mind games, who decided to make available their time and passion for the fun of others and their own.
Escape Venice ASD, associated with ASI, is registered with CONI for chess, checkers and go activities and offers its members also the opportunity to play in Escape Room. Our Escape Room lets you know the history of Venice in immersive, fun and intelligent way.


Read carefully before to play



22 MARCH 2018

1. The game is not suitable for people who have heart problems, suffer from epilepsy or severe claustrophobia or, again, laser sensitivity and light effects.

3. Prohibited: Smoke and participate in the game under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. It is absolutely forbidden to record videos or shots of any photograph in the Escape Room.

6. You must follow all the signs and cautionary statements in the Escape Room. These signs must not be removed as they are necessary for everyone’s safety.

7. The heating system and camcorders are not part of the game.

8. There is a “pay breaker” rule so don’t try to force locks or padlocks, doors, drawers, etc. If it seems fixed, do not force it. Do not climb on top of objects or furniture, everything you need is easily accessible.

9. The door to the entrance of the Escape Room is not blocked and everyone is free to leave the game and exit at any time and for any reason; time lost outside the room will not be compensated.

10. By participating in the game, you agree to comply with all the rules of the game and to know and accept the Terms of Service of the Association. Anyone who violates the rules or the Terms of Service set forth above will be immediately expelled from the game and/or venue, including, but not limited to, cancellation as a member, without any right to compensation or compensation.



22 March 2018

The membership to the activities of the Association “ESCAPE VENICE ASD” and the use of its website require the membership to the Association and constitute an agreement according to the following terms of service. By accessing or otherwise using the Services provided by Escape Venice ASD, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms which, together with the Privacy Policy, constitute a true and proper legal agreement between you and Escape Venice ASD.
Escape Venice ASD is an Amateur Sports Association that aims to develop and share with interested parties the games of the mind including the game of Escape Room, chess, checkers. An Escape Room, or live escape game, is a logic game in which competitors, once locked up in a themed room, must look for a way out using every element of the structure and solving codes, puzzles and riddles. To successfully complete the game, the participants – who usually vary from 2 to 6 people – must arrange the escape within a predetermined time limit, usually 60 minutes.

1 General Terms
1.1 To the extent permitted by Italian law, the following terms of service define the conditions for carrying out the Association’s activities and regulate the conduct of the Association and its members.

1.2 The Association may revise and/or correct the Terms of Service, website and content in its sole discretion and without prior notice. Any such amendment shall be binding and effective immediately after publication of the amended Agreement on the Website. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of any revision of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, which has been drafted with respect for your rights.

2 Association and Members
2.1 Participation in the Association’s activities (Escape Room games, chess, checkers, etc.) is subject to membership of the Association and payment of the membership fee.

2.2 For minors, pre-registration, registration and any waiver must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian.

2.3 Pre-registration can be carried out on the Association’s website, but membership will be considered completed only after filling out the registration form and paying the membership fee at the operating headquarters.

2.4 To complete the registration process, a valid identity document must be presented to enable the persons in charge to ascertain the identity and age of the applicant. Otherwise, the Association reserves the right to refuse registration.

2.5 The Members undertake, under their own responsibility, to provide the Association with true and precise registration data. The Association will treat the personal data collected confidentially in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

2.6 Members authorize the Association to send notifications and other information regarding the Association by email, SMS or social media.

2.7 Members have the right to withdraw from their membership in the Association at any time and for any reason, by email or in person. The membership fees paid are not refundable.

2.8 Members are responsible for taking note of and keeping informed of their rights, as detailed in the Association’s Articles of Association.

3 The Service
3.1 The purpose of the Association is to develop and share with the interested parties the games of the mind, including the game of the Escape Room, chess and checkers. The Escape Room is a game of logic in which the competitors, locked up in a room set up with a theme, must look for the way out using every element of the structure and solving codes, puzzles and riddles. To successfully complete the game, the participants – who usually vary from 2 to 6 people – must arrange the escape within a predetermined time limit, usually 60 minutes. During the game, the organizing staff monitors the participants from another room where they can provide help and suggestions.

3.2 The Association provides Members with games in the form “as is” or “as available”.

3.3 The Association reminds Members that there are potential risks in the use of Escape Rooms and games, including possible risks that could not be identified despite the careful attention paid to the design of the rooms. Escape Rooms and games may be dangerous, risky or unsafe, particularly for people with heart problems, epilepsy or severe claustrophobia. All Members who voluntarily and knowingly decide to participate in a game therefore exonerate the Association from any responsibility in this regard.

3.4 The introduction and/or use within the Association’s premises of harmful or dangerous objects, including pointed objects, explosive objects or weapons and any other object considered dangerous to third parties, as well as the introduction and/or use of alcohol or drugs, is strictly forbidden. The Association reserves the right to refuse entry to those who have drugs or alcohol in their possession or are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

4 Reservations
4.1 In order to participate in the activities of the Association it is necessary to book an appointment. For the activities of checkers and chess bookings can be made by email, phone or in person. For the game Escape Room reservations can be made on the website of the Association, by email, by phone or in person. In order to make the reservation you must be of legal age.

4.2 Online bookings can be made no later than two hours before the game time. Confirmation of online booking is sent by email and/or SMS. If the participants do not receive a confirmation within one hour of booking they should contact the Association by phone; before calling please check that the confirmation received is not in the SPAM folder.

4.3 The participation fee for the game is variable and depends on the number of participants. The total fee will be used to cover the Association’s expenses related to the general operation and maintenance of the Escape Rooms, the promotion and implementation of chess courses, checkers, events and the installation of new rooms and games.

4.4 The Participants guarantee to the Association that all the data of the online booking and pre-registration forms are true and accurate.

4.5 The personal data collected by the Association on the website will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

5 Deletion
5.1 To cancel or postpone a reservation, the Association must be contacted by email, telephone or in person.

5.2 The Association reserves the right to cancel or postpone the activities booked in the event of unforeseen circumstances, notifying the Participants as soon as possible.

6 Waiver
6.1 The participants relieve the Association, its founding members, affiliates and partners, volunteers, employees, licensees, suppliers, representatives and other persons acting on behalf of the Association from any liability, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, arising from the use of the services offered by the Association.

7 Limitations of Liability
7.1 To the extent permitted by law, the Association, its founding members, affiliates and partners, volunteers, employees, licensees, suppliers, representatives and other persons acting on behalf of the Association, shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, arising out of the use of the Association’s services.

8 Confidentiality and Non-Divulgation
8.1 Members accept and acknowledge that information relating to the trade secrets of the Association, such as for example the contents of the Escape Rooms, the complete or partial solutions of the Games, the know-how, the documentation, and others relating to the Association, are confidential and the intellectual property is the sole and exclusive property of the Association. Any publication or disclosure of this information to third parties is strictly prohibited. Any dispute will be referred to the competent court.

8.2 Participants may not make audio/video recordings or take pictures in the room where the Game is played without the express written authorization signed by the President of the Association. In fact, the Game is covered by the intellectual property rights of its designer and for this reason the offenders will be subject to the penalties provided for by law.

9 Proposals Not Requested
9.1 Members, upon request or on their own initiative, have the right to propose improvements of any kind in favour of the Association. These proposals, in compliance with the civil law on Associations, may not be subject to remuneration or compensation in cash or in any other form.

10 Website
10.1 The website at is the property of the Association and is managed by the Association itself.

10.2 The website is provided “as is” or “as available” and the Association does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, completeness, suitability, or timeliness of the information and materials found or offered on this website.

10.3 Users agree that the Site may include materials and information protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary right and law. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish, download, send, disseminate, transmit or distribute or otherwise use by any means and in any form the information and material contained in the site without the written permission of the Association. Any unauthorized use of the information and material constitutes a violation of the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Association and/or third parties.

10.4 Users acknowledge and accept the risk for the use of the website. Users assume all responsibility for cases of loss and/or damage to computers, hardware or software, or loss of their data or confidential data resulting from the use of the website or third party sites with which the Association website is connected.



22 March 2018

The Privacy Policy governs the way in which the Association collects, uses, stores and discloses information collected by Users of the website and from registration as a Member. The Privacy Policy applies to the website and all services offered by the Association.

Personally identifiable information may be collected in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: when users visit the Association’s website, make a reservation, submit a registration or pre-registration form, and in relation to features or resources available on the Association’s website.

Non-personal information
Non-personal identifying information of Users may be collected each time they interact with the Website; such information may include browser name, type of computer, technical information such as operating system, Internet service providers used and other similar information.

The site may use “cookies” to improve the user experience. Cookies on the web browser record and keep track of information about the use of the site. Users may set their browser to refuse cookies or to notify them when they are sent; however, certain parts of the site may not function properly if cookies are turned off.

How the information is used
The Association may collect and use the personal information of the User or Member in order to provide Member support, confirm payments and reservations, and to send, from time to time, news, updates and service information regarding the Association.

How your data is protected
The Association provides appropriate collection, storage and processing of data in its possession with adequate security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data, information on transactions and data stored on the website or at the headquarters of the Association or outside it.

Sharing Personal Information
The Association does not sell, trade, or rent any personally identifiable information of you or your Member to any third party. General information such as aggregated demographic information, not linked to any personally identifiable information, may be shared with third parties to improve your services and experience on the Site.

Changes to the privacy policy
The Association has the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice. Users and Members acknowledge and accept that it is their responsibility to update themselves periodically in order to become aware of any changes.

Acceptance of these terms
Users and Members who use this website and the services provided by the Association acknowledge that they have accepted the Privacy Policy.


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