Templar Treasure: Outdoor Escape Room in the narrow streets


Templar Treasure: Outdoor Escape Room in the narrow streets of Venice (OUTDOOR ESCAPE ROOM created by Escape Venice ASD)


The Templars, returning from the Holy Land, hid a huge treasure in Venice.

The Traces of the Templars and their treasure were lost on Friday 13th October 1307, the day on which Philip the Fair issued an immediate arrest order against all the Knights of the Order of the Templars, accused of heresy.
A small group of Initiates hid in Venice. Once the Order of the Knights of the Temple disappeared, other Orders, Confraternities, Great Schools and finally Freemasonry grew.
All in silence, until a Venetian, Giovanni Chiaravalle, found in the cellar some chests and a manuscript with alchemical and mysterious symbols for finding the legendary treasure.
From that day, the quest for treasure became his obsession… but he didn’t succeed.

You now have in your hands the diary of Chiaravalle, the original manuscript and the chests he found.
Will you be able to decipher the symbols left by the Knights Templars along the narrow streets of Venice and bring the Templar Treasure back to light?

You will have 120 minutes to follow the mysterious indications written in the Templar manuscript and exploring Venice discovering their history.





120 min.


2-10 participants