The Merchant of Venice: An historic Escape Room in Venice


Taking inspiration from Shakespeare‘s comedy and the famous Al Pacino film, “The Merchant of Venice”, the creators of Escape Venice have created an immersive experience, which will leave you breathless.

For 60 minutes you will be transported to the Venice of the Serenissima. You are the Merchant of Venice and you will enter the studio of Shylock, the famous moneylender of Venice, where a precious treasure is hidden. You must hurry because time is short and you must find the treasure and pay the debt you owe Shylock, or he will take a pound of your flesh as per contract. The moneylender will be watching you! He has put many puzzles in the defense of the treasure because he wants the pledge! Will you be so proficient as to find the treasure and save your life?

In order to create an immersed environment, the room recreates the ambience of a 17th century Venetian studio. The Merchant of Venice is an escape room of medium/high difficulty but many, even at first experience, managed to find the treasure. The important thing is to enter into the logic of Shylock and follow the clues.

In the room you will be able to interact with all the objects except those with the symbol of prohibition and you will not have to use your mobile phone. For the rest, you don’t need anything other than sharpening your eyesight and your wits.





60 mins.


2-8 participants