Venice under Attack: 60 min to defuse the bomb


Venice is under attack: a terrorist group hid a bomb in the historic center but no one knows where it is and there is no time to look for it in the intricate maze of Venetian streets, in the hundreds of channels and thousands of houses and ancient buildings. The only possibility is to defuse the bomb. Will you be up to it?

Participants will enter in the room where the terrorist organization designed the attack and hid the timer. The terrorists, who were afraid to be discovered, designed the lock of the timer in a very complex way, with codes and puzzles to protect the mechanism of defuse…

Players will face many challenges and solve puzzles! Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles and decipher the codes before the countdown causes the bomb to explode? The time available runs fast… but the stakes are very high: Venice must be saved!!!

“Venice under Attack” is an Escape Room created by all-Venetian Association “Escape Venice“. The room was launched for the first time and exclusively for “Venezia Comics” 2019’s edition.





60 mins.


2-6 participants