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News this week!!! – Oliviero Zane

Escape Venice ASD is pleased to announce that the eclectic Venetian artist Oliviero Zane is taking part in the Glass Festival “The Venice Glass Week 2018” from 9 to 16 September at the Bressanello Artstudio Venezia gallery, Ponte dei Pugni – Dorsoduro 2835/A. For info:

For you a preview of the PDF of the catalogue of the artist Oliviero Zane which has been printed in only 500 copies:

It’s an honor for us to have the artist as Author of the Soundtrack of our Escape Room, the “Merchant of Venice”.
If you want to listen to the Soundtrack, you can use the QR code and enter the atmosphere of Shylock’s room. Enjoy listening!

Thank you Oliviero!
From all the Escape Venice Staff

ARSENAL, the new game about Venice


Escape Venice ASD likes everything that opens the mind and that tells of a living Venice. We are therefore happy to introduce Carlo, Joshua and Vittorio: 67 years in 3! These brilliant university students have invented a beautiful game: ARSENAL. Arsenàl was born in front of a sandwich by Pecador in 2014 for play and to fill evenings lidensi and Venetian often marked by the “there is nothing to do” and becomes day after day a project in which to believe and spend. Vittorio Marella joined later as a friend and illustrator bringing his artistic talent in the project.

Arsenàl is a game of land and naval war that sees Venice as the theater of the race to the Dogado! Located in the Napoleonic Venice of 1800 has two modes, the classic All-Against-All and the still experimental mode “Napoleon” in which the French general invades the lagoon with his troops trying to overthrow the Venetian coalition.

After demonstrations in shops of board games and modeling in Bologna (city where they study Charles and Joshua) Arsenàl back where it all began with the first demonstrations in the lagoon with the hope of getting a good ranking at the Archimedes Prize organized by Studio Giochi (award ceremony September 29).

The game is for everyone. For Venetians who will find their roots and traditions in the game (the game is in fact imbued with sayings, proverbs and sayings typical) and for tourists who will discover having fun a different Venice (the game will in fact also be translated into English and probably Chinese). In short, the very concept that we also like to promote with the Escape Room the Merchant of Venice!

It is nice to see that Venice is alive and well with young people. Force guys!

On Facebook, you can find them on the ARSENAL GIOCO DA TAVOLO page (

Info on Vittorio Marella can be found on

Chess, Checker and Go on the beach

Chess Checkers Go Scacchi Dama Go

Want to play chess, checkers and go together with us on the seashore?
We wait for you on Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00 at the beach bar 4 Fontane at the Lido of Venice.
For Escape Venice ASD members the cost is only 5€ for the whole period until the end of August.
Not a member? No problem! You will register on site with only 5€ / year and you can also access the escape room as a member of the “Merchant of Venice”.
Play with us, train your mind! 😎