Venice at the time of Covid-19

Venice at the time of Covid-19: nature takes back its spaces

In today’s post we want to show you some pictures taken in Venice after 2-3 weeks from the beginning of the pandemic, taken from FaceBook.
The mass of tourists that transit all year round in Venice is huge; therefore we thought that nature had reached a point of no return. Luckily we were wrong. The resilience of nature (ability to return to an initial state) is still very strong. We are happy about that!
It’s sad to see the streets (calli) of Venice at the time of Covid-19 empty, but it’s nice to see clear canals waters, ducks nesting on the jetties, swans swimming through the canals.┬áNature takes up its spaces again and sends us the clear message that we were aggressively occupying spaces not only our.

Our hope is that this terrible virus will soon pass and that at the end, Venice and the world will start again in a new and different way, in harmony with nature.

Venice will be able to take up the challenge: Venetians are tough and we will start again in a great way with an even more beautiful Venice! Although it’s going to be hard to start up again economically, we’ll make it.

It is a pleasure that it is not only our thought, but the whole world thinks so.
Here enclosed an article by the Guardian:


(Thanks to Jacopo Tiso)

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